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sing vocals for your song

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Hi! My name is Antonia Marquee! I am grateful to you for taking the time to check out my show!

You must first contact me prior to placing an purchase to discuss pricing for customized order. Sometimes, what you require will not be able to fit in the package.

I can be heard in my voice here:


Technology: All songs are made using the aid of AKG mic as well as the Focusrite interface using Logic Pro X.

It will include an non-mixed reference track, so you can listen to how the vocals sound on the track. Additionally, you’ll receive dry and raw individual vocal tracks that are in .wav format.

I don’t mix/master vocals.

You are entitled to commercial rights! If you are crediting me in your post or market the song, please mention yourself as the primary artist, and I as the featured artist. Do not declare me to be the principal artist. The crediting of me is not necessary.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to getting your purchase!

Love and peace

What is the desirable place to listen to the voice of you?

You can hear my voice at or

Yes, I'm able to compose the chorus or complete song I'll sing on the track. This is the usual opportunity to sing a chorus as well as the most expensive opportunity for a complete song.

No, I do not. I only sing in English.

Yes. If you credit me in the post or market the track, please mention yourself as the primary musician and me as the person who features.

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