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Powerful Female Vocalist Singer Pop Rock Edm

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If you are looking for female voices to sing your track, you can order an competent singer with credits such as BBC Doctor Who, Guitar Hero, Mercedes, Pretty Little Thing, Roblox and co-written chartsongs for label such as Electric Fox and featured in the UK Top 40!

The first female singer to be selected for by a Fiverr Pro.

I’m a vocalist with a strong range, distinctive tone and a range of vocal styles. I can sing anything from top-line vocals that are belted to gentle, soft and beautiful. The communication is veryimportant for me, so we can chat.

I’ve played in genres that range that range from Pop, EDM, Ballads Hardstyle up to Rock as well as Metal. I’ve efforts to incorporate as numerousgenres in my videos, but If you don’t find anything similar to your taste, contact me and I might have the same thing.

  • This gig is only for singing only.Please read my FAQs
  • Do you need me to create your lyrics? Or create an original melody for your voice? Include an additional!


  • Changes of a small size are available for no cost small changes, for example. clear notes, or flat ones.
  • Paid revisions can be used to alter the material of a song that was previously agreed to, for example the style, melody or even a song lyric.

These costs don’t not contain writing lyrics or writing a tune.

Do not mention me in your songs in songs without prior contact.

Could you please send me one of your free samples?

Sorry, but I'm unable to do this for free. In addition, I have been chosen to become an Fiverr Pro seller, this is the reason I've got a portfolio, with hundreds of tracks to stream on the internet. If you'd want to purchase a tiny trial, I can make an order that is just only a couple of lines.

While writing your hook, think about the singer. If the tune was composed by a male and performed by a male, think about how it would sound for females in the frequency. If the song has not been written to a female audience Consider having some flexibility in changing the key or the melody.

I do not usually do work on Fiverr at weekends as I'm usually performing other things. However, If you're in search of the fastest turnaround perhaps one day or perhaps an hour contact me and I'll let you the possibility or if we are able to create a custom-made request.

It's always possible to add another person to benefit write a bit or arranging your lyrics, but it's desirable to reach out prior to that! Perhaps your track doesn't require more tweaking than you imagine, or it might not have a singing melody in the first place (even when you've already written the lyrics.) Talk to us!

Do not use my name in your release, and also refrain from uploading your own track in my profile as an artist. If I find that the release was made without my approval I can file an appeal for copyright and bill for an more cost.

My set-up for my microphone includes an SHURE PG42 to an Scarlett Focusrite. The DAW can be described as Logic Pro X and I take all my recordings at my home. All of the music I have included in my portfolio was made right here in the exact same configuration therefore, make sure you review the recordings prior to placing you place an order.

Yes, I am able to create vocal melodies, lyrics and even a voice with an more cost. I've written songs for hundreds of customers.

I have not signed any more documents. Fiverr is a pay-per-hour hire platform, which means I'm not expecting any royalties from sales, and I will allow you to use the website in full.

I do not create instrumental tracks through Fiverr because I am focused on the task on giving my desirable voice I can offer. However, I do have the ability to suggest some excellent guitarists and music producers!

There is no way for me to offer any video services.

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