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Male Singer And Sing Chorus For Your Rap, Rnb Or Pop Song

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Male Singer Thir13een, the solution for all your musical requirements through Fiverr!

You may require a slick hook for your chorus in your next rap tune or powerful voice to accompany the beat of your production, Thir13een has come through for you and can compose and perform the chorus (or complete track) for your pop hip hop, or rnb track.

With more than 20 years’ expertise in the field of music, Thir13een is a competent male vocalist who understands what it takes to get your music to shine.

His extensive portfolio of work includes collaboration with some of the biggest brands, including Hyundai, BBC, Sky Sports, and Universal Music.

Thir13een is a natural artist to create music that resonates to people on a more intimate scale. His voice is warm expressive, emotional, and flexible which allows his music to convey your ideas to life in a style which is unique.

He prides himself on producing quality work that is able to meet the demands of his clients. his commitment to professionalism and devotion to his work are unparalleled.

If you’re looking for an enticing hook that gets stuck in their heads, or an emotional performance which will bring people to tears Thir13een is the best option for your project.

What are the reasons I should select for my male singer?

Music isn't just my hobby, but also a job, so that I'll treat your work with the same attention to detail and excellence in creativity, as I do in my own work. I've had the privilege of working with award-winning performers across the globe, which speaks of my professionalism and service in the world of music.

We will look at the typical duration of songs: The duration of an average song is 210 seconds (3.5mins) The typical chorus takes 30 secs. The mean verse lasts 60 seconds. The typical bridge lasts 30 seconds. average length of the intro/outro is fifteen seconds. determine the length of each segment you'll require to complete the song :)

Contact me to me so that we can design a package to accurate meets your requirements!

Absolutely. I am able to do birthdays, weddings and anniversary celebrations and covers.

All co-written songs have my rights to publish and the percentage varies upon the type of project. This basically means that if you sell your product online, please inform me beforehand so that I can provide you with my royalty ID number, so I am legally paid my portion of the sale.

My prior work included Universal Music, MTV, BBC Radio 1, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Kiss FM

Commercial licences are an agreement whereby the creator of the song's melody and lyrics (me) grants permission to the person (you) to utilize the tune. This license permits the user to reproduce, distribute and display, alter or even perform the tune. If you intend to release the track online, such as iTunes and other stores, should purchase the permission.

The vocals are treated to warrant a pleasant listening experience. For a full mastering and mix, you can add it at checkout! :)

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