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Male Singer And Songwriter

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Hello, my name is Amir. I’m an experienced musician and singer with vast experience across many kinds of music. I’ve recorded for a variety of reputable companies (e.g., Disney, Netflix, Samsung, Billboard) And you’re the next!

You can contact me to request some instances of work. My goal is 100 100% satisfaction with each purchase. Be assured that the project will be in safe hand!

I’m able to offer additional music writing, instrumental and mixing/mastering enhancements to the song you want to record. Contact me prior to placing an order to discuss prices for your music project. Backing vocals can be provided upon request, and I will let you know your requirements prior to putting together the order.

Please contact me prior to ordering and prepare me with some details about the project you are planning to work on. I will be able to create an order that is custom made to meet the specific requirements of your project.

My name is not utilized in any project that I am working on. I am required to remain anonymous for every release, credit or other information.

I am looking at taking your music to a new step!

What genres and what styles are you singing/writing in?

Electronic/EDM, Pop, R&B/soul Broadway, musical theatre, country blues, jazz, soft rock and other genres. I'm flexible with regards to my voice dynamic range, dynamics and range. Send me a message with details about the song you're considering to make sure my voice is appropriate for the song.

The rights/credits/royalties for what you'd hire me to create would belong to you. My name, photograph as well as my likeness cannot be utilized in any manner in any project I am working on. My identity must be kept private on every release, credit and other such things. Thanks for understanding!

I'm a bit flexible when it comes to special requests. You can contact me via email and I'll gladly take care of everything with you!

If you're looking to make or make any modifications during your purchase please inform me, and I'll gladly benefit. Note that changes will have to be in keeping to the task I was instructed initially to perform. If you have any concerns you have, feel free to contact me prior to placing an order.

There's "dry vocals" included in my program choices. "Dry voice tracks" are tracks that have no effects or mixing added for example, reverb echo and EQ. They also have compression or any other effects. If you need mixing, just send me an email so that we can work the issue. Note that my dry voice is always to tune.

It's great that, with my Standard & Premium packages, I'm willing to arrange and record as many tracks harmonies and songs, as per your preference. Please contact me with any questions you may have. want backing vocals.

I've got you covered! I'm able to work with your schedule and ensure that the song you want to play is on when you're in need of it. Contact me specifying the date that you'll require the track on, and I'll schedule the delivery like to. Be aware that I'm in Eastern (New York) time.

I work with these kinds of songs on a case-by basis. Always write me a note including your song's lyrics as well as specifics about your track prior to making a purchase, and I'll inform you if it's something that I'm able to do work on.

I utilize I use an Aston Origin condenser microphone and Logic Pro X for recording. You can expect clear, professional-sounding vocals from me!

Do not concers! If you're having any issues or requests specific to your needs, do not hesitate to reach me. I'm open to custom-made orders and will be happy to meet any needs

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