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Provide Quality Transcription For Up To 6 Minutes Of Audio Or Video

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About this the Gig

I’ll grant professional, high-quality transcription of up six minutes of (English) crisp video or audio document. The transcript will be provided in an well-qualified Word document format. It is that you can use to create your blog posts, reports or any other use. What do I need to transscribe for you?

  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Webinars
  • YouTube Video
  • Teleconferences
  • Blog Posts
  • E-Books
  • You can also say it, I write it

I am a competent with twenty years of expertiseand the satisfaction of my customers is guaranteed Corrections are possible to be requested, if required.

Contact me before making orders for more than 60 minutes. As files longer than 60 minutes could have a more lengthy turnaround time.

Rush work? Requests must be completed prior to ordering. Please include the preview audio or video when you request a estimate.

Please note: “Clear audio” refers to the audio’s quality however other elements could cause transcription difficulties, like the amount of speakers, individuals speaking over one another, strong accents and background noise and more. Feel free to grant the audio before ordering to enable review. The challenging audio might be priced greater and/or may require more time. We reserve the rights to refuse any audio or video because of material or quality that is difficult to understand.

What happens when you delete the words, or alter the words used?

Yes but No. My intention is to prepare is a clear transcript including words like "uh" and "um" and "um" not being included or words that are not complete or words. But other no words have been changed or grammar corrections are made. What amount of clean-up is completed is up to you Contact me in case you're concerned or have particular needs.

I focus on providing the transcript in a clear format, not exactly as recorded. If you're looking for verbatim (which is not often) please contact me with the details of your request as well as audio that you would like to preview and I'll let you know whether verbatim is available. There's an extra fee for the use of verbatim.

Yes. Partially minutes are added to the next full minute.

No. I utilize high-quality equipment to hear the audio to record the maximum amount of words I can. However, I'm not able to increase the quality of audio that's static or distorted, or with high-pitched background noises.

There is no way for me to translate other languages. I favor service for speech to text. The words spoken on the audio file will be converted to text within Word documents. Word document.

No. I add the speech-to-text service only. Anything said in audio or video file will be written into the format of a Word document.

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