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Craft A Business Plan With Marketing And Financial Model

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I hold completed an MBA from the top Business School in the top 10 globally as well as over a decade of expertise as a business advisor as well as an entrepreneur. I am specialized in the creation of business strategiesthat could be given to loan officers, investorsand others.


The Premium package will allow the user to pitch their idea and solicit funds from investors, or get SBA grant or loan. I’ll:

  1. Prepare the skillful document that you can present to loan officers or investors
  2. Prepare an executive statement of the company’s description Market and industry analysis competitive analysis marketing plan, customer analysis and a complete financial plan with key KPIs as well as a return analysis (cash flow and balance sheet and payback period, ROI break-even)
  3. Convert the findings into digestible data using charts and tables, and serve the sources to support every discovery.


Note that:

  1. Basic package is not comprised of an executive overview, marketing strategies customer analysis financial forecast
  2. Standard package doesn’t include the financial forecast
  3. Only if I believe in it and believe in it, can I connect you with VCs as well as business angels who are part of my circle


Call me right now for a discussion about your business plan demands!

What is the 5-year projection of the future financials?

The five-year forecast for financials provides the essential financial indicators needed for your business like sales, growth and margins. There are also the return KPIs, such as the payback period, ROI, as well as break-even points. Returns and cash flows can be displayed on charts.

The plan for marketing comprises analysis and recommendations for segments and customers to target as well as sales channels and distribution and mix of products or services and diversification, pricing points and promotional strategies.

No. I am willing to introduce your business idea to VCs and business angels within my circle only if I am able to give a good impression of your business or concept.

Absolutely. On request, I'd glad to assist.

Absolutely! Everything that I conduct is private. I'm pleased to agree to sign an NDA. Please send it to me anytime you are comfortable with doing so.

I'm a skillful with many experience from B2B and B2C. I've had the pleasure of working with many entrepreneurs for the past 8 years, across a range of geographies and industries such as e-commerce and digital. Contact me via email detailing your idea and I'll give you a glimpse of my thoughts regarding your area of expertise and the potential of it.

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