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Make A Deep Internet Research

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About this the Gig

Please contact me to clarify the details of your task prior to placing A BUY. Custom offres are offered based on your business needs.

I’m a highly skilled business researcher who has assisted over 7400 business owners from 2012. I gather data, analyze and edit it through summary reports. These are used to benefit you make the right decisions.

– For any custom work Please contact me through my email prior to placing an order.

Service Fee Range:

  • Market Overview (Statistics, Trends, Forecast) (PDF/DOC) ($120-$180) (Standard Package)
  • competitive Analysis (XLS) ($120-$180) (Standard package)
  • Psychographics and Customer Demographics (PDF/DOC) ($135-$300) (Premium package)
  • SWOT Analysis (PDF/DOC) ($45-$65) (Basic Package plus SWOT EXTRAS)
  • Lead Generation (XLS) (Kindly request an estimate, or custom-designed proposals)
  • Amazon Product Sourcing (XLS) ($250-$500 customized deal)
  • Pitch Deck/Business Plan (PDF/DOC) ($1800-$2300 Custom deal)
  • Customized Research (Kindly solicit a quote and a custom-designed quote)



  1. I’d like to contact you in my email for a discussion of the particulars of the task you have in mind and impart an estimate as well as a customized quote.
  2. Source links will always be provided as a URL list at the report’s end.

Do I have the feature of ordering a customized study that isn't a an choice within your services?

Of course! Please send me an email with any relevant details about your project and I'll provide an offer that is tailored to the task you have in mind.

The gig service is not able to offer changes. If you require specific services beyond deliverables, inform me at the beginning either via our mailer or after you submit your order. The more specific your requirements more specific, the more specific. So we will reduce the chance of miscommunication.

You can certainly do that, in the event that your project isn't yet on my list of priorities. This means that you are able to change the information about your project at any time you like prior to my beginning work on your task, but be sure to get in touch with me within the first hour to make any changes required.

You can contact me by mail for an offer that is custom as well as a faster delivery time typically, it's feasible however it depends on the number of in process orders.

In most cases, no. But if you want to, please leave an email in our mailbox and inform me of the issue, providing the most complete information you can concerning the issue. In certain situations, I will make exceptions and answer urgent inquiries.

Master's Degree in Business Management & Administration - Specificization in Economics and Logistics Doctorate in Information Technology & IT Education Specialization: Statistical and Data Analysis Plus: several years of work experience

Of course. The typical delivery time is 10-to-20 days (depending the situation) It's a full solution that can benefit you find investors and/or receive the business loan you're looking for. Some of the most innovative business models I've created for start-ups have recently been awarded.

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