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Our Agency Will Create Stunning Jotform, Typeform, Paperform, Custom Forms

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About this the Gig

With over 7 years of professional experience with me, I impart high-end and flexible solutions. Send me an email with what you require and I’ll propose an individual package to offer additional a comprehensive solution.

Jotform chat with fireside chat In this video we will show the ways in which partnering with Jotform helped my agency Desol Int., and its clients to a new stage:

My company has been Jotform Advanced Solutions Partner

* I’m a registered Expert Agency partner of Typeform, Jotform, Formstack, Paperform and Zapier.

It will give you an exclusive 50% discount when you sign up on Jotform together my hyperlink.

I’m also an Jotform enterprise reseller (contact me with special prices)

Service features:

  • Responses that are structured in custom-designed PDFs and spreadsheets.
  • Forms that are custom-coded together CSS.
  • The user responds to the print and view options.
  • Forms can be shared using an email address or place them on the site.
  • Send a thank you message to the person who filled out the form.
  • Email respondents with personalized e-mails.
  • Use Zapier to link to third-party apps

What are the things I'm looking for in order to begin?

You must sign up to get an account on Jotform account (free or paid). I'll need your account details or user login. Also, please send me your logo, link to your website and any design samples or forms you love, as well as the material or questions you would like to include in the form.

Yes I'm always willing to help my customers in their questions. Sometimes I'll also offer free revisions after an order has finished :)

The choice is based on the needs of you, if need complicated logic and calculation form, Jotform is a good choice. Forms that are attractive and appealing to customers, Typeform is recommended, to document your needs. Cognito as well. In addition, there are other forms that come with distinct features.

Overall Jotform is an excellent option, but I would suggest you email me with your needs and we'll discuss whether Jotform would be the accurate choice to choose. I've had the opportunity to interact with more than 10 forms builders, and have observed their work closely. I'm certain you'll be able to nail it with you!

Jotform is a superior choice in terms of cost and features it has to offer. with the free version you are able to try the form use and when your business increases, you can you can upgrade to a monthly subscription. Jotform has advanced capabilities regarding design, calculation, and design and logic. It is easy to modify and maintain forms afterward.

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