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Help To Protect Your Brand Through Trademark Registration

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About this the Gig

Please note that I am able to only HELP in completing US trademark filings for US residents. I am unable to provide Services to residents outside the US. ***

Hello,I specialise on trademark registrations across the US, UK, EU, DE, AU, IN the US, UK, EU, DE, IN.

If you sign up an trademark or brand name in a nation’s IP Office, you’ll be able to get:

  • The sole rights to make use of the mark to represent for products or services
  • The right to utilize right to utilize sought-after (r) sign on your signature;
  • prioritization first position Amazon, Etsy, eBay, YouTube,etc.


  • Basic ($40):TM Search (before making a decision to adopt names, I would recommend beginning with a keyword search).
  • STANDARD ($100):TM Application to applicants who are residents ( e.g., US residents who are filing for UK or US residents filing in US as well as UK residents living with UK residents filing in the UK).
  • Premium ($160):TM Application to the UK, EU, DE, AU, or IN for applicants who are not residents of these countries.

Important: The fee above is my fee for service not the fee that is official. USPTO filing fees are $250 for each class, and the UKIPO PS170 EUIPO 850, and so on.

Based on the package THEY CHOOSE, YOU’LL ACHIEVE:

  • Comprehensive Searches
  • Application Making
  • Amazon Brand Registry enrollment guidelines
  • Registration process from A to Z guideline

It is possible to place orders now or contact me any questions.

Thank You!

What Package should I purchase first?

I would always suggest starting by conducting a search (basic cost of $40) to determine the validity of the proposed mark. Unless you've already have conducted a search and you are confident about the uniqueness of your proposed mark.

Although searching for trademarks can be done at any time, it's strongly recommended that you conduct prior to filing search to find out if any third party(s) have applied for or filed a trademark that is similar or identical to that you intend to trademark, and assure that it isn't infringing other businesses' trademark.

Don't make any orders for the standard or premium services without communicating with me prior to that UNLESS you've already done an investigation and are confident about the distinctness of the proposed trademark. If you contract me for work without my permission I'll assume that the trademark has been filed and is ready to file.

The process varies based on the country. For the EU the process takes about 5 to 6 months. In the UK It takes four months. In the US the procedure is more than 12 months. Your trademark, however, is secured from the date of filing when it is filed.

I can benefit you to benefit you, or use through the USPTO ID manual to get concepts by searching for keywords that describe some of the products or services you're providing, e.g., "t-shirts," "jewelry," "cosmetics," "beautician services," etc. Go to:

If the application is based upon "use for commercial purposes," you have to be with the trademark in all goods or services you list in the application. If the application is based on the "bona good faith intention to use the trademark" you have to be in an honest or legitimate intention to utilize the trademark.

The filing fees are distinct for various countries. It is your responsibility to pay the cost yourself. I'll guide you through the process. USPTO filing fees are $250 for each course. EUIPO is 850 EURO for the initial class and 50 EURO for the subsequent class. UKIPO PS170 (GBP) to be used for the initial class, and PS50 for every more class.

In fact, if you're not in the country and you are not a resident, then you must hire an attorney from your locality. If not there is no requirement to engage an attorney's service or apply for. Get in touch with me before you do so if not in the country you wish to apply.

Nowadays, Amazon allows you into their Brand Registry before your trademark application has even been accepted or pending. Prior to this, only trademark owners who had registered their trademarks to be admitted access to the Brand Registry. But, it's in no way for sure the fact that Amazon will accept the initial Brand Registry request.

Yes, we're an international team made up of IP attorneys from all over the world.

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