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Help You With Marketing And Engaging Your Fans On Facebook

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Find out what is the basis of Facebook and the material that you publish. Be sure to read the following:
for $5, you receive my easy and concise advice about how you can use Facebook to interact with your customers and establish your brand. It’s not a complete tutorial on every aspect of FB to use for business. I will not take the information you provide to prepare this. If you’re already familiar with the platform, then you’ll want to consider the customized package ($15).
You pay $10 for easy and concise advice as well as a detailed review of your site’s page.
For $15, you receive the opportunity to review your website and my extremely simple and simple to use material marketing program that outlines the fundamentals of when, what and how you should add to your blog*

The page you submit must be written in English to be reviewed
*You must have a complete English site for your custom plan. If you’re only using an FB account or do not have a website that is in English Please contact me prior to ordering the plan.

After I’ve shared the advice to you, or review the plan I’m always available to answer your concerns
General tips are available as an extra gig when you purchase the plan.
Also, we offer business consultation sessions (contact for further details)
I don’t make money from fans or other likes
This update is not applicable for orders placed before 12/13/16 at 12:01 EST.

Do You Market Likes?

We do not sell similar items and I would never suggest that you purchase them.

If you do not have an online presence and are interested in the service, you must email me first with your info to see what I can do using what you already have.

If your website doesn't have an English page, you won't be able to buy the review of 10 pages. If you do not have an English site, you'll need contact me prior to when you can purchase the package.

The Business Success Review is what I offer in my Fiverr business review gig ( Optimize and rise your business for social media marketing. For a complete review it is essential to have a complete website that is with the correct language English.

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