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Format, Design, Edit, Create And Fix Microsoft Ms Word Document

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About this the Gig

Please contact me prior to placing an order to discuss the project.


My area of expertise is in Formatting and Designing that will lead to a professional, nice Document that is error-free and reader-friendly. My services include: my services :

Formatting for:

  • Text Header, Footer shapes, backgrounds, bullets and Styles. Charts, Page Numbering Tables, Hyperlinks and Text Borders, Boxes, Colors Cover Page Table of Contents (clickable) and more.

Combining and Splitting:

  • Pages and Other Docs

Formatting for:

  • Spacing between Lines and Paragraphs (Before and after)
  • Indentation (Left and Right)
  • Page Setup (Margins, Page Size, Orientation, Columns, Section/Page Breaks etc.)

Professional Designing for:

  • Books, White papers, Proposals, Plans, Policies, Procedures, Profiles, Manuals, Reports, Forms, Contracts, Resumes, Letterheads, Templates etc.

A Newly-Designed Template that incorporates all of the Styles

Professional Formatting and formatting for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Repairing any type of issue or error

Fillable Forms


Check out these FAQs (below) to find out more information.

Important note: I don’t deliver the “Edit PDF” services. **

What makes it vital to communicate with you prior making the order?

to assure I am completely aware of the requirements of your business and prepare recommendations prior to starting the task. It is a great thing when buyers and sellers are at the same level. Every project is unique and demands a particular quantity of commitment and time, so you should contact me prior to placing your order.

You can click "Contact me" to go just below my profile photo.

Every task requires a unique kind of effort and time. In this case, for example, adding TOCs doesn't mean the reformatting process of a long-winded document. Also, changing the header/footer does not mean you are creating an entire cover page. Therefore, the price could differ from the standard project. I will always offer my clients the excellent price.

Absolutely, reworking documents in order to make them professional stylish, attractive, modern attractive and user-friendly is among my desirable offerings and I am a fan of doing it. Designing with great style is an excellent way to grow your business.

Yes, I design fully-customized Microsoft Word templates with all necessary styles. I'll make use of dummy text in order to add the structure and layout formatting, and then you are able to alter it to actual material in the future. It is also possible to use styles to make future editing easy with a uniform layout and format.

Yes, I can. I'll professionally format your documents in KDP with the eBook as well as Paperback versions. I'll impart KDP-compatible files which you are able to upload onto KDP.

My company does not serve the complete suite in the form of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs and word documents. Go to my profile and click on my name. You can also look through my previous gigs. If you find them, email me to talk about your idea in more detail.

Absolutely, I'll instruct you on everything that is that is related with MS Word (with the benefit of specially-created videos and screenshots) and you'll learn the language quickly.

The answer is no, I do not provide these services.

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