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Filing Your Trademarks,Copyrights And Patents,In Any Country

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About this gig

I am a certified Legal Consultant who has been practicing for over two years.

Fill in the form and then register on the internet for your project, the timetable is like this:

  • Patent (Provisional or Utility) 5-10 days
  • Trademarks 2 Days
  • Copyrights for 3 Days

Contact us via email if you have any questions.
Note: The fees for filing trademarks or copyright differ. Office Action, SOU will be required to pay for more services.

Disclaimer: We make no representation or warranty in relation to the material of this information. We also does not favor any warranty with respect to my services. You agree and acknowledge that, after you have used my services, in no way will we be held responsible for any damages or losses resulted from with the services I provide or resulting from your actions whether direct, intangible, consequential or special financially or otherwise that result from your use of my services.

To file the filing gig for Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and LLCs. The purchaser will be asked to focus on providing names, email addresses as well as physical address and telephone number for filing for the USPTO (United United States Patent and Trademark Office) in his or her name, or for his/her firm This information will be required on the purchase page only.


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