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Data Cleaning, Visualization, Analysis, Reporting By R, Spss, Sas, Tableau

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If you are looking to get immediate insight from data clearing, displaying (aesthetically attractive) and performing an inferential or descriptive analysis modelling, forecasting or foretelling the future you’re in the excellent location to get your job accomplished. As a statistician and data analyst, I can add clients with the highest degree of precision and accuracy.

Please Discuss First, and Then Place the Order

Instruments: R, SPSS, SAS, Tableau, Power BI

Services can include, but are not included in:

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Analyzing and designing experiments across all disciplines
  • Probability
  • Statistics tests
  • Analysis of regression
  • Study of Variance
  • Time Series Analysis
  • K-Nearest Neighbors
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Density-Based Clustering
  • Dimensionality Reduction: Features Extraction and Selection
  • The Statistical Modelling
  • Business Analysis
  • Research summaries

I can also add custom-designed package.

And, what is the time you are wasting? You can discuss this your thoughts in the email first.

I don’t provide academic assistance such as homework, task, exam, or mark the associated work.

If you'd like to talk with others via Fiverr your inbox, you are able to discuss at any time. However, if you want live chats, such as lessons or tutorials via live calls You can check out my another R related job.

I am a well-qualified with five years of expertise in this area. It's not a mistake to make.

Sorry, I'm unable to serve an analysis service for this huge datasets.

Yes, I can. I am able to benefit you with data cleaning together R, Tableau Prep Builder Excel, SPSS

Yes, I'm able create your dashboard together Tableau or the R the flexdashboard.

Definitely. You are welcome to discuss your theories.

I'm sorry, I'm unable to benefit you because of the Fiverr Terms of Service.

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