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Train A Lora Model For You

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About this gig

/!\ I have updated my packages and extra (nov. 23)/!\

If you’re having any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach me. I’ve efforts to be flexible to the ever-growing demand as well as various possibilities that I have been asked for in the past.

Thank for your kindness!

Regarding Privacy choice:

Photos and personal projects of yours as well as OCs aren’t included in the cost of publication. The images won’t be posted on the internet anyway.

This gig involves the development of a style or character of LORA (.safetensors) of your preference to be used in SD 1.5.

To purchase the SDXL LoRA You can look at my different gig.

If the request you are making is of one that is a well-known character, or design, I’ll collect the data and label the data myself.

To be considered for the sake of OC Please send me images that relate to the persona. I’ll tag all these images.

If you can favor at least 15 pictures it would be fantastic.

I’ll impart you with a variety of examples of what LoRA is capable of producing, then record all the specifics that are used within the brief (strenghts utilized, the full term …).

Check out my Civitai profile within my portfolio for a selection pieces of work (all completely free).

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