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Consult You On Ip, Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs

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About this the Gig

Note: CONTACT me before placing an order to let me know the need, price and timeframe since some the services like search and filing will need more gigs. If I do not receive your request, I will be able to end the contract.


I am a licensed competent, registered, and practicing patent and trademark attorney seeking a doctorate in IP and I have submitted over 7545 trademarks, patents and designs applications across the globe and written several design and patent applications and IP agreements.I have assisted a variety of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups individuals, inventors and entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations in taking care of and preserving different intellectual property rights.

Services Available

1.) Consultation on Trademarks and Registrability Advice (extra gig if necessary).

2) Trademark Search, Filing, Paperwork (extra gig)

3) Copyright Registration, Enforcement, Infringement, etc. (extra gig)

4.) Provide advice on the specific terms of IP agreements, like the assignment or license agreements. (extra gig)

5) Draft you any IP agreement (extra gig)

6.) Agreements to not disclose information (when you show your work to other investors or if you contract out the project to other people) (Extra gig).

What should I do? Why should I get in touch with you prior to placing an order?

It is highly recommended that the customer get in touch with me prior to placing an order because specific legal services might require or require extra duties and could increase the range of services. Therefore, it's important to understand what is required prior to beginning work with each other.

Please be aware that when applying for trademark registration, you create public records. Therefore, the documents and information that you grant with the Trademark Office during the prosecution of the application and during keeping the trademark registered are publically available

The basic gig doesn't include the search, filing, draft or revision of any form or report, draft or report and is limited to a basic consultative services.

Certain situations like filing for trademarks, copyrights and other rights, you'll be sharing private information with Fiverr. However, my information is eventually publically accessible through the database of trademarks.

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