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Compose Original Piano Music For Your Project

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Contact me before placing your orderontact me before placing your order for:

  • 1# There are clear goals for the final piano piece.
  • 2# I’d like to incorporate the piano into your current song.
  • 3# You’re searching for a piano cover of a tune.

It is >***This is designed to assure I’m able to benefit because every project is a little different. ***

Portfolio & Interactive Details:

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Don’t settle for stock! Be unique with your piano music that is specifically designed for your particular project.

I’ll write the piano for instrumental projects that include peace music, relaxing background music, relaxing and emotional piano music new music, music to use on web pages or presentations for business music for cover songs, arrangements, music, meditation, videos, game music and more.

Since 2013 on Fiverr! Profit from my experiences. Let’s collaborate!

Commercial Use License:

When accepted, solely and exclusively, the complete commercial rights to the complete and final delivery will be transferred to you, for the purpose of commercial use!

1* the FAQ portion in the following is an expansion of the explanation.

In order to purchase you agree to have been informed and agree to the content of the gig’s description.

Why should you contact an artist prior to placing an order important?

Music composition involves many unique variables that require attention to details and each project is not identical. Because music is extremely subjective and each request is unique Please don't think I'll be able to benefit with no prior contact prior to making an order. Thank you for understanding!

If your track has the same tempo/BPM (beats every minute) the answer is yes. If it doesn't be able to maintain its tempo for a long time you can contact me before placing an order and I'll be able to determine whether your vocals are aligned digitally. But this can't be for sure without prior notification.

Each order is for the amount of one track (unless previously agreed to otherwise prior to placing the order) If you're seeking a totally alternative version of the song I designed for you in a complete remake you can place an more order could be made to encompass the entirety of the project.

Yes! In addition to my portfolio, which can be found in the descriptions and description, you may also inquire to receive a free trial to experience the quality and design of my piano within the context of your inquiry. These demos are marked with a watermark for an maximum. time of 15 seconds. The samples are made available as a the courtesy of transparent purposes.

Due to the number of regular orders, I'm not able to provide the express delivery service at the moment I'm sorry to say. Because music is a creative profession, I'm not going to reduce quality in order to please my clients and customers with active orders. Make sure you plan ahead before purchasing my show. Thanks!

I'm willing to benefit when revisions are required! (If within the nature of the initial project) Contact me prior to placing an order, especially if you have an idea of the requirement and want something specifically so that there is no the possibility of friction. After a project is finished revising it can be made in courtesy.

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