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Compose, Arrange, Orchestrate Any Work You Like

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If you want me to write music, arrange or orchestrate any piece you’d enjoy. My fee is $70/hr. I’ll compose as long a piece of music you require. There are also other circumstances that occur (see the following sections below for more details.) There are a variety of instruments that can be played. Live instruments can also be played (violin the cello, viola piano, and guitar). I am able to work efficiently and quickly to assure that my customers get the greatest from my hourly fee. Apart from the programs and genres/styles that are listed below, I am able to do generally but my primary program is Dorico as well as Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio.

Here are a few examples:

I need a new composition that includes (number of instruments) with a duration of (number of mins). Create a lyrical, lush modern, trendy, 12-tone romantic and classical. pop, and so on.

—-Arrange the piano part to suit e.g string ensemble, brass band full orchestra…

—-I require an accompaniment track for my track

—-I Have a tune composed. It is orchestrated for (the number of instruments)

I need a score to my short film commercial, documentary video game…

I have a vocal melody …..add instrumental

–Transcribe this tune for orchestra, piano, string ensemble, etc.

I look forward to working with you 🙂

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