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A Trademark Registration USA And Search

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About this gig

Hello, my name is Puneet and I am a trademark attorney with more than 8 years of work experience on trademarks and applications.

The most expensive and cost-effective gig on Fiverr

Do you want to safeguard your logo, brand or your brand’s slogan?

The basic package: Trademark Searching

Standard Pack: Trademark Filings for US citizens

Premium Package Trademark filing and one lookup US residents

For additional countries such as EU, UK, Canada or India you can contact me

I’ve worked with many new businesses and entrepreneurs to register their trademarks in order they are able to join the Amazon trademark registry.

There is no issue about location with everything we do

In this package, what can you anticipate (dependent upon the package you choose)

A thorough search for trademarks

Registration of trademarks

We additionally give USPTO Filling for TM starting at $150 (discounted)

US the government charge is $250 per course, UK 170gbp. EU Euro 850.

The trademark office of the government requires the applicant’s email address.

All more mark or category boost the amount payable. The fees owed to USPTO will be at the expense of the buyer. Disclaimer: The approval of an application will depend on the examiner’s attorney. We do not assume responsibility to any loss whatsoever.

Send us a note regarding trademark service.

Where do you go to search and file a trademark application ?

Generally, any country that is online for filling out,

The fee for filing or government fees fluctuates according to the nation. The applicant has to pay the fee directly to the country's trademark office. Then, they must submit an submit an application. Send a message for details

It is crucial to conduct the trademark clearance research, and the customer's desire to purchase a gig for a search. If the results of the search reveal potential conflicts in trademarks, it is possible to opt not to submit a request since the fee to file isn't refundable.

In this situation we'll assume that you've already done your search therefore we'll go ahead to file your trademark.

That's why that we do searches in order to identify the dangers and warrant the trademark application succeeds. If we discover something that is that is similar to what you want to rebrand it your final decision is that of IPOs.

The system of classification for trademarks divides the entire range of services and goods into 45 classes for trademarks34 for products while 11 are for services. The most popular classes are jewelry-cl 14, printed books and clothes-cl 25 25, business or advertising services-cl 35, for example.

The applicant must grant the name of your company, business name (if you apply under a corporate name) and email address, as well as physical address, phone number, a list of your products or services you offer, words, or logo. In the absence of this information, you are unable to make an application for a trademark.

It usually takes three days to complete the paperwork and then file the documents. Sometimes, it takes longer.

Seven months approximately. It will take 3 months for an examiner to examine your request. After review, the trademark is registered during the period of review. If no oppositions have been filed, it can take an additional three months before the trademark is registered. trademark.

We offer trademark services that are subsequent use on any website is at the discretion of the customer.

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