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A Patent Search For Your Idea, Invention Or Product

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About this Gig

The *ONLY* patent search gig with over 6300 perfect 5-star reviews!

I will search official patent office databases for patents & published pending patents relating to your idea, product, invention or your provisional application.

My search includes all patents: utility & design patents of any status (active, expired, abandoned & published pending).

I have searched intellectual property databases for over 10 years as a non-attorney patent searcher and patent researcher. I will lend my personal search techniques to you for just $35.

I have searched every single top 100 best seller item of more than 30 Amazon product categories.

The $35 Basic gig includes a manual, multi-faceted patent search and my signed NDA (if requested). I will provide you with a listing of any patents or published pending patents that I have found, with answers to your questions ANYTIME and FOREVER, after order completion!

On request, and at no additional cost to you, I will provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the protection and secrecy of your idea.

Images / links to sites like Amazon & Alibaba are acceptable.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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