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Search Or File Patent , Trademark And Copyrights

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I have been a highly skilled and experienced as a legal consultant over a period of more than 10 years. I’ve filed and written over 350 patent trademark, copyright and trademark cases across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. I’ve also conducted a number of patentability and prior art research for individual and for corporations. I will also send you a disclosure form of your invention as well as other specifics that can be crucial in writing the specification of a patent, Trademark and Copyright application.

Be aware that the charges to file trademark or copyright differ. Office Action, SOU will be required to pay for extra services.

What's the difference between a mark? What's an Service mark?

A trademark can refer to any name, word symbol or device or combination of them or designed to be utilized in the commerce of commerce, to identify and identify the products of a producer or seller from those made or sold by other sellers as well as to identify where the product originated from.

The USPTO permits access to copies of the documents included in nearly all applications pending, and also many registrations. This Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) database allows users to download, view, and print out documents stored within electronic files.

It is recommended that you conduct an examination of office's records prior to making an application. Searches for trademarks that are trademarks that are pending, registered or dead trademarks can be done by me using many databases.

The use of TM symbols could be controlled by state, local or international laws, as well as the law of the relevant area to determine the mark that the owner asserts rights over. The registration symbol of the federal government The R, enclosed in the shape of a circle employed after the mark is officially registered by the USPTO.

A representative is a representation of how you will utilize the mark for your products or the services you offer. The sample shows how your customers see it on the market (e.g. or in your packaging or on your website). ).

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