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Publish Article On The Industry Times

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About this gig


I’ll either write and/or give you with an 100 100% unique guest blog post or article in the top news website: The Industry Times. Additionally you’ll also get the legal right to use ” as featured on The Industry Times

What’s comprised

  1. 1 guest article written by a unique author posted by a guest blogger on The Industry Times.
  2. The guest article or publish article will be is featured on the home page of the website’s publisher for a short period of time, until there are new posts added.
  3. 7-day delivery
  4. A boost in your credibility instantly for yourself and your brand or company.
  5. The entire text of a document is indexable on Google.
  6. Link to your social networks after each blog post.
  7. 2 Dofollow links per piece (a huge plus)

Every news story and guest blog I create will contain:

  • 100% Unique
  • Zero plagiarism
  • Grammarly correct

**Adult Pharma, Gambling, Casino as well as other restricted websites aren’t allowed

Which are the websites that I'll publish on?

In this particular package, I'm only providing publishing on the Industry Times However, I have four other fantastic websites to consider and. In the future, as I build more partnerships with publishing houses, I'll start developing larger packages down way.

I'll create a custom article that is about your products, you or the business you run. If you'd like to have anything to be changed or adjusted when the article is delivered All you need to do is ask me!

When you sign up, you are taken to my special interview application. In this form, you'll be asked to answer a handful of questions for me to begin writing your piece.

Nope! I'm able get any person fairly well-known and appearing like a celebrity. My service is available for everyone seeking to increase exposure, press and recognition.

Absolutely absolutely not. My services are available to anyone. No matter where you reside in the planet of Mars... I'll be able to get you featured.

100% YES. I've designed this service in conjunction with my publishers specifically to ensure it's possible to use this. I'll give you the complete press logos you need in the files that you require to use on your social media, website or any other marketing material.

Your story will appear on one of the top reliable and trustworthy online publications. This is a website for news which focuses on all things business, culture, music technology, marketing and many more.

This is a great service for ANYONE who wants to improve their credibility online and credibility. * Entrepreneurs * Musicians * Brands * Streamers * Influencers * Businesses * Startups * And more!

We cannot promise any results from the article. But, a few customers have reported the boost in sales after with our services. Our clients typically utilize our services to boost their credibility online using this increased perception to get trust from their clients or customers.

When you fill out the online interview questionnaire, I'll get your story published and the links distributed in 3 days or shorter. The basic package costs only 2 days.

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