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Professional Video Color Grading And Color Correction

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Every project is treated as a unique one, so please call us for a discussion details regarding your needs prior to making any purchase.

Our Services:

  1. Colour Correction Color Correction matching white balance, exposure shadows, midtones and highlights, and shadows between each shot to ensure cohesion.
  2. Color Grading Color Grading – Dark, cinematic, scary, drama, travel vintage, commercial natural pop or as a references etc.
  3. Shot Matching Shot Matching The matching of footages taken from various cameras that are said to be like they are similar in tone.
  4. Secondary Adjustments Secondary Adjustments Sky, skin-tones, clothes, etc.
  5. Extras Additionals to HTML0 Enhancements to subjects in cinematic form such as color substitution Sharpening, noise reduction grain, sharpening etc.

Soft Light Soft Light are Professional Video Editor/Colorists and has spent tenplus years perfecting our craft. The possibilities are endless for making your video stunning.

We are able to work with the following: Feature Films, Short Films Documentaries and Music Videos Interviews B-Rolls, Reels Trailers, Commercials and Wedding Highlights, Wedding Highlights Multi Cam Grading, green Screen Grading, Blumish Removing LOG (logo), REC709, Raw 8K, etc.


  • Quotes will differ compatible the project’s complexity.
  • We are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year, which means we can respond quickly.
  • Lets get started :).

Why Choose Me?

I'm an competent colorist who works in the television and film business, providing the Exceptional level of color grade capable of matching and enhancing your film, getting it appearing as excellent it could. Some of my most recent assignments include AI Her (TV Mini Series). Intentions (TV Series), Apple etc.

I'll need a hi quality video, as well with an XML/EDL, so I can edits. A reference file is also needed in order to get an idea of what the footage is supposed to appear.

Barcenilla - Mira Pung Kanh - Yeu Het Damaco - Solo Harry Singh - Baa Farke Jaron Hamil - Change Dvice - Bellakowna

Each project is different. It's crucial for me to know the scope of the project as well as the amount of work required and its complexity in order in order to warrant that I help in providing you with an exact quote.

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