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Press Release Distribution,Publish And Write PR

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We can focus on providing online distribution services to benefit to get maximum distribution of your press releases through a variety of news sites.

Contrary to other news distribution providers that guarantee the release of news releases, we warrant publication using our web-based services.Clients have access to Google-indexed webpages of their press releases and have access to an live link report in which they are able to view the websites where the release was published together with their Google titles search.

  • You must purchase additional gigs in order to include one video.
  • Purchase the Standard package to make your PR on a High Page Rank extra Premium News website. This means a higher ranking page and faster indexing from Google.
  • Write service can be added as an additional.

The PR/article must be supplied by customer and must include:

1. Include more than seven words in the title that do not contain any pronouns that are similar to we,you,him.The piece must be written in the third person view.

2.300-1000 Words material required.

3.Contact media must provided includs company name,email,website,country.

4.No more than four backlinks can be included.

5.No more than three images may be used.

The report is only available in pdf format.

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