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Edit Twitch Or Kick Stream Vod For A Youtube Highlight Video

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Service Description

The gig’s name

Do you want to turn your long Twitch streams into entertaining, engaging and even shareable highlights? You’ve come to the right place! I specialize in crafting dynamic and attention-grabbing video edits tailored specifically for Twitch/Facebook/Kickstreamers With 8 years of experience in video editing and a keen eye for humor and entertainment,I excel in distilling hours of content into bite-sized, engaging, and hilarious highlights that keep your audience coming back for more.

What I have to offer:

Professional video editing specifically designed to the needs of Twitch/YouTube/Kick streamers.
The creation of entertaining and concise highlights
Pay attention to the smallest details in choosing the excellent moment
Unlimited revisions to assure you’re completely satisfied
Why should I choose me?

I’m enthusiastic about aiding material creators be noticed from the sea of Twitch!

Let’s work together to transform your long streams into captivating content that people will be capable of resisting sharing! Call me right now and let’s elevate your Twitch channel up a notch!

bring an access link to the stream/video.

Google drive and dropbox all work also.

I’d be grateful that you contact me before making direct purchases!

What is the accurate way to receive these videos?

I deliver edited videos via google drive. But if edited videos are less than one GB, I deliver it through fiverr.

The videos can be sent through google drive, dropbox, or wetransfer. You can also send to me on YouTube or Twitch!

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