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Design logo for your business with unlimited revisions

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Exquisite, rich, and unique is the kind of thing I think you’re seeking.

The logo of your business should be designed by someone that understands the needs of your company.

I am a professional designer who provides top-quality services for designing business logos since 2013, and branding solutions to businesses of all types.


  • If you opt for to go with the BASIC package, I’ll ask that you send me an your idea of how the logo will be designed. My role is to help create your vision into reality.
  • I do NOT offers refunds, but I do RESPECT your money.
  • I’ll work on behalf of you and your company Not on behalf of your boss, client etc.
  • Revision requests are accepted within 24 hours after the date of the inquiry.
  • “Revision” refers to modifying the design I’ve already developed. It’s not an entirely new design or concept.

If you have questions, be sure you read the reviews and FAQs. Contact me for additional questions.

Buy Today Receive a high-quality logo at a cost which is a benefit to the benefit of.

What is the first thing you should know to begin working to create my logo ?

Once you have placed your order, you'll be asked a couple of concerns that are crucial in order for me to have an answer about the matter. On the basis of these questions details, I'll be able to better understand the nature of your company, and what you want to achieve, then design an identity. If you are unsure or a specific question You can anytime "contact me".

There is information on each of the packages beneath the name of the package. If you're confused about which option you want to choose, simply "contact me" and send me your requirements and I'll advise you which customized offer or package.

The logo will be of the same high-quality logo. However, you have to provide me with an concepts of how your logo could be designed, my role is to bring your concept into reality. It is not possible to share your own thoughts or concepts with the base packages.

I will create a file format to help you get going online and offline (for printing purposes). Files are .png as well as .jpeg for use on websites. high-resolution images for printing Adobe Illustrator (.AI format) or the EPS format (postscript file format). Contact me for additional format files.

If you have an existing conceptual design in your head You can include those requirements when you are submitting your orders. In some cases, there will several revisions or steps until we are heading in the an appropriate direction. The guidelines and feedback you provide after each endeavor is vital to this procedure.

YES! However, please keep in mind this "revision" refers to modifying my previous designs (changing color, font and adjustments, for example). It's not an entirely new design or concept.

As per the fiverr TOS, when buying an order and when the purchase is completed, the buyer will be entitled to all the rights of the completed work.

My time and energy is already spent on each design or idea I've provided. Nobody can will ever be able to return it, so I'm not able to give a refund, but I will make certain, I will respect your funds.

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