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Create Google Data Studio, Looker Studio Dashboard Reports

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Dear Clients,

Thanks for looking at my Gig!

Are you searching for an expert create an engaging Google Data Studio dashboard? This gig is perfect for those who are.

As a seasoned Data Scientist and Business Consultant I am aware of the things you need. I utilize my expertise and abilities to harness the power of data through interactive and entertaining reports that benefit you make more intelligent business decisions.

My dashboard converts your data to an amazing and interactive views that are useful in analyzing your performance and obtain your objectives.

Services I’d Provide:

  1. Google Analytics Dashboards
  2. Google Ads Performance Reports
  3. Google Search Console Report
  4. Google Tag Manager
  5. Facebook Ads/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn Ads/Insight/Public Data
  6. YouTube Analytics
  7. SEO/SEMrush
  8. Sales Reports
  9. Excel Dashboard
  10. Fix Issues
  11. Shopify
  12. Bing

NOTE: Automatic Schedule report data blend, calculated Fields.

Top Reason To Hire Me:

  • Quality Guaranteed Service
  • Timely Delivery

NOTE: Video Support by Zoom. Need to have your address for mail in order to access the dashboard

For a special discount email me before you place your the order.

I’m eagerly awaiting Your Great Projects.

Best Regards,

What do you need from me in order to begin your project?

1. Access to Google Sheet/Data sources via Data 2. The list of prerequisites for the Dashboards 3. Colors, logos as well as other steps.

Then, you'll need to make the google spreadsheet in your account for storing your data.

You will have to collect access to my data. It is possible to do this together the Share options in Google Sheets. This is to ensure that I can access the data, but don't own the data that I have on my account.

If you plan to link the dashboard with websites such as Google Analytics, I will have to gain access to that account for it to be linked with the dashboard. This will be for a short period while I design the dashboard.

To allow Dashboards to be shared with me, you must create Dashboards to be the sole ownership of you, and share with me. It is necessary to make the blank dashboard(I could walk you through it). Share this dashboard with me. This makes the distribution of your report easier when you are done.

I'll require a list of the metrics and analyses that you'd like to incorporate into the dashboard. For instance, data over time as well as sales shown in the Map the most profitable area as well as the location from which it's coming from, and such. this

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