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Create A Responsive WordPress Website Or Landing Page With Elementor Pro

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Service Description

The gig’s name

If you’re looking for an expert WordPress development company to improve your business and grow your business, then you’re at the right spot. Since I have more than 5 years of experience, I have created over 500plus WordPress websites..

What You Receive:


WordPress Theme Premium WordPress Theme

High-end WordPress Plugins

Responsive Amazing Design

SEO On-Page Web

Internet Speed Optimization

Web Security

W3C valid Clean code

Cross-Browser compatibility

Forms of any kind which requires integration to MailChimp or your mail server system.

Why Me?


I’ve more than five years working in marketing, business, technology Web design, marketing, and managing projects. The result is that I’m aware of my stuff, I have the ability to communicate effectively, and I am a good friend to my clients and the community I serve!

I am aware of the product

I’ll give you a credit if you do not like the product

100 100% customer satisfaction is the top goal of my business.

If you’re lost and aren’t sure how to proceed, you can just call me and relax. I’ll take care of the task and offer you an full solution.

I’d like to knock on my door and be contacted quickly before you making your order.

Thank you for taking the time to read, have the best day.

What is the reason I have to reach you prior to placing an order for the gig?

There are numerous aspects that affect the design of the perfect web site. Your availability, my accessibility, the requirements of your and the content. Prior to signing an undertaking, it is important ensure all the elements are present and I am able to provide what you require.

The first and foremost is that I must learn as much as I can about you and your company so that I'm capable of creating your own website that is authentically your business. In addition I'll require an account with your hosting provider as well as access to an your existing WordPress site

Web hosting is not covered in this package. Contact me and I will help you choose the best hosting platform to meet your requirements.

Like any other project the ability to communicate on time and in a timely manner is crucial to successful completion! In the course of the course of your project, I'll be in contact via the Fiverr messaging system, over the phone, or by video conferences. In the course of our launch, we'll schedule periodic checkpoints to keep in contact.

Send me your design samples, PSD or a link. It is also possible to upload images, media or etc. on Fiverr. It's easy to sign up and I'm available to help when you're stuck.

I offer support once the site is complete. In addition, I am able to make a support plan to provide ongoing support, if you wish.

Absolutely! My sites are built with a versatile and simple-to-use toolkits. After I have delivered the website, it's yours to play whatever you want.

There's no issue. You can select the layout so that I may create it, and then upload your information.

Yes, I do provide premium themes and plugins for free when you sign up to my services.

Your new website is built using a development environment. This means that your current site remains in use until the time comes to go live with your new website. We will provide you with guidance regarding how to backup the old website before it goes online, however we cannot assume responsibility for the backup in itself.

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