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Create A Professional Minimalist Logo Design

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Welcome to my professional minimalist logo design

I specialize in business logo design. My style will be clear minimalist, stylish, and unique. I’ve created logos for several brands and am now at Fiverr to provide the highest quality. It is a good job to get the best top-of-the-line service.

Here’s my method of working:

  • After conducting a thorough brand analysis I designed a number of classic and contemporary logos according to your personal preferences.
  • When the final design is completed and approved, I design an identity that is industry-leading with catchy designs, as well as others with a personal appearance.


This is why you must join me in my work:

  • Guaranteed creativity
  • Leading Fiverr logo service
  • Low cost
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Excellent design and work
  • A custom design created by hand
  • Be committed to finishing the task until you are satisfied
  • Support is available 24/7

Minimalist Logo Modern and professional Badge Signature Customized Logo

Does it sound interesting? Chat with us! !

Make a booking now and let’s get the ball moving! !

What is required in order to begin?

It will ask you some basic questions such as the name of your company's logo and slogan, color when you make your order.

The source files are the primary documents of your logo, in which you can modify or change the logo in any way without loss of quality by using Adobe software. The files are offered in Ai and EPS formats, PSD, PDF, and PNG formats. What's more, you can download these files in a complimentary manner If you select the Premium package.

Your email will include the ultimate amazing logo in a cover and PROFILE image that can be used in FB, Twitter, IG as well as other social media platforms.

3D mock-up can be described as a 3D rendered image file which is utilized to serve different functions, such as Presentation and so on.

If you're searching for the Character Design then kindly do get in touch with me prior to placing your order.

There are a variety of INITIAL DESIGN Concepts based on the type of package you buy, but remember that only one SINGLE winner LOGO will be provided along with the formats. If you are in love with every design and want to purchase them all, there is an affordable amount to receive each of them.

Revisions refer to a minor alteration or modification to the logo that is already in use, however, not an entire modification to the logo

Revision requests are generally handled within 48 hours, but in certain situations the process could last up to 72 hours, such especially on weekends.

The work quality across all three packages is similar, however the differences are in the quantity of ideas, revisions, as well as documents that can be delivered. While PREMIUM PACKAGE has everything you require for top quality service, you can let me take the rest off my shoulders of creativity :)

Of course. I am able to complete almost all graphic design task. Contact me for more about my services if you have any custom requirements or to inquire regarding my logo for business

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