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Absolutely, we’ll design your new site in 1 hour via Zoom!

Place your order and book a session

Join Zoom and then watch me construct your website as fast than one hour. The teamwork using Zoom is quick and efficient. There is no need to communicate back and forth over weeks and days that can cost both time and cash!

These steps will help you start:

Step 1: Let’s talk! Contact me using your email address to get a customized price.

Step 2: Are you satisfied with your quote? Place your order.

  1. We’re ready to get going! Schedule our meeting here:

I am a specialist in creating innovative WordPress sites that will be simple to update. Your website will be completely in control of your site once you’re finished.

I’m here to assist you in the event that you’re a store selling e-commerce and graphic design, podcast host, YouTuber, fitness instructor real estate agent blogger, photographer or animator, dropshipper or any other person who needs a strong online website.

Send me a message today and learn why so many are awed by South Beach Geek. we’re going to start!

Where can I find the calendar link that allows you to book for an appointment?

For more in-depth Zoom sessions are also available on an appointment, with a separate charge. You can contact me about scheduling your appointment. I'll email you the link to make your appointment via my calendar.

Yes, you'll get complete admin access to your website, allowing you to create pages, add pictures, video content as well as contact forms and much more! Your website will be solely the property of your site and have full the ability to create your website whatever size you wish. There's no limit on the amount of pages or products that you are able to include.

If you'd prefer to have an e-mail account established, please email me via email to inform me of your request. I'll assist you in setting up any number of e-mail addresses you'd would like. There aren't many web hosts that have this feature, so get in touch with me if you're seeking unlimited free email addresses so that I can help you do this.

Yes, you'll have access to my full collection of premium designs, ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile devices and SEO is professional looking, and easy to navigate.

Yes. I'll design your website using WordPress. WordPress platform. I'll also offer high-quality premium theme and the best plug-ins to help you drastically reduce your costs.

Yes. I'm here to help with registration of your domain setting DNS settings, including SSL / HTTPS security and much more.

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