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Animate Your Pictures And Photo And Will Do Them Alive

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Service Description

This gig

Please send me your photo and I will create an animation tween and add 3D effects to them.

Requirements :

I’d like to see a high-quality photo

Quality and the format of the final film:

The format is usually mp4 30 frames per second 10- 15 seconds length, and is in high definition 1080p. However, if you require any other video quality or format, inform us.

Attention! The cost of extra time is the cost of a single video!

It is possible that your order will cost greater if it is an intricate animation that is not the one described in this article, therefore prior to making an order, please get in touch with me to talk about the amount of work as well as the cost!

  • Animation style
    • Animation background
    • Character Animation
    • 2D Animation
    • 3D Animation
    • Animation cartoon
    • Glitch animation
    • Cinemagraph animation

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