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An Interview Or News On Google News Website With Traffic

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This gig

I’ll do an interview and post it on the Google news site with large volume of traffic as well as real-time users.

What does it do?

  • The basic package I’ll ask you questions, and then add an introduction to your answers and release it.
  • Premium and Standard packages I’ll ask you a few questions. When you’ve provided me with the answers, I’ll create an introduction plus write the articles and then publish the articles (I will grant you with drafts prior to publishing).

The interview will be posted on a website that has been part of Google news (certified the Google news website).

Why do I have to?

My articles are highly ranked in the news section of Google. Beware of others with low-cost offers because even if they do publish their piece in Google News, your name will not appear in the news page ( my websites will have your name listed in the upper right corner in Google News).

It’s an excellent opportunity to market yourself online. Your website will be visible across the world since all websites are part of Google News (globally).

Here are a few advantages:

  • Google’s trust. Google is a fan of brand and brand mentions.
  • Credibility of IG, FB and verification.

This is where the interview will be released?

In: USA, Canada, UK, Australia. There is a global flow of transport ( the interview will be broadcast in all countries).

What is the reason I should have an interview?

1) Traffic. If someone is curious, they'll follow a link to your site. Therefore, you'll receive an amount of traffic. 2) Branding. Potential clients look to find you on the web. It is an excellent option to inform them the fact that you have been mentioned on news websites. 3) SEO. Google is a fan of links on Google News websites.

The majority of it is up to the person who answers; it is your responsibility to submit all responses ASAP, so that I can have the information published.

There's a heading (title) which includes a photograph of you, introduction, questions and responses.

Absolutely! I'll still verify if the material is in line with the requirements of the site.

It's not an official press release. This is an interview about you and your company. If you do not wish to display your picture Please get in touch with me. We could arrange an article in lieu of an interview.

It will be available for publication forever. It isn't the case with a PBN that will see the article disappear. goes away.

Yes, there is there will be a "nofollow" link from your branding name to your web page. Therefore, visitors can go to your website, and then get in contact with your company.

No. The number of visitors (clicks at the hyperlink to your web page) will depend on the number of people who are interested in your product or service.

The truth is, I do not have control over this site. I'm one of their authors. The site is owned by a company that produces media located in Australia.

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